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About us

Aerobridge is a Swiss company offering consulting and brokerage services in regard to aircraft acquisition and sales. Having started our activity in Switzerland we have significantly expanded our business geography for several years and started working with clients from the USA, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and Africa. Nowadays Aerobridge is consulting customers from all over the world to get exclusive professional services in the business aviation field.
We help to rent, lease, sell and purchase an aircraft. Throughout the transaction, our consultants accompany you to make sure the purchase meets all your expectations today and in the long-term. We have been trusted for more than 10 years!
Our services include but are not limited to
Consulting services for the purchase and ownership of aircraft
Organization of financing and refinancing
Search and selection of long-term aircraft lease options
Selection of aircraft options in on and off market
Transaction negotiating
Preparation of preliminary technical conclusions
Experts of Aerobridge have access to all major databases and professional networks, well-established contacts with leading publishers of the business aviation magazines and internet resources. Aerobridge is an integral part of the largest international events in the world in business aviation. Such an extensive network of partnerships around the world and access to a fleet of business class aircraft gives us the opportunity to offer the client a large selection of aircrafts on favorable terms.
High level of service, time saving, security and attention to the individual customer wishes are the distinctive features of Aerobridge.
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